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2023 State of the Presentation Industry Report

2023 State of the Industry and Salary Survey Report

In late 2022, we fielded a 24-question, opt-in survey designed to track the compensation, education, and work life of presentation professionals. Although the 216 respondents were self-selected, through these surveys we are starting to see relative consistency across our demographic attributes and employer situations.

Key stats

  • We received 216 responses.
  • Presentationists from 26 countries responded.
  • We slightly skew female (56%), and 43% belong to Gen X (ages 41–56).
  • Sixty-two percent of presentationists are focused on presentation design/creation work.
  • Only one in three of us has “presentation” in our job title.
  • Just under half of presentationists are employed by a company/organization versus 40% who are self-employed. An additional 11% fall under both categories.
  • Three in four presentationists primarily worked from home in 2022.
  • Our clients are our biggest supporters, being a major source of work and referrals.
  • Most of us have a college degree and the vast majority continue to actively seek out presentation training.
  • PowerPoint is our primary software, hands down.

The 2023 State of the Industry and Salary Survey Report includes charts and analyses to help you better understand our industry. These results will help you see how far you’ve come, where you want to go, and who is on this journey with you. It’s news you can use to evolve your career and reach your goals.

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