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Uniting Presentationists Worldwide

There is a wonderful opportunity throughout the working world to identify and define the skills needed to create amazing presentations. We are a global association teaming with passionate professionals dedicated to bringing that clarity to the world.

What we do

  • Feature a robust members-only Slack presence, with multiple interest-based channels
  • Broadcast numerous live events including both educational and social events
  • Partner with Training Magazine Network on exciting free events
  • Offer a robust set of measurable Presentation Industry Standards
  • Feature a certification program with Specialist and Expert levels using PowerPoint™
  • Hold yearly annual meetings open to all members
  • Publish monthly newsletters
  • Feature a job exchange board on both our website and member Slack space
  • Feature an engaging new member onboarding and welcome process
  • Regularly sponsor Presentation Summit conferences
  • Conduct regular global State of the Industry surveys and reports

What’s planned

  • Launch Master certification (PowerPoint™) program
  • Create and launch certifications in other presentation design programs
  • Develop member recruitment rewards program
  • Continue to research and deliver software and hardware discounts
  • Continue to broadcast both public and members-only webinars and publications
  • Broaden subject matter for webinars and publications
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