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Raising the Bar

Every professional industry needs an advocate—an organization that will help its members elevate their knowledge and advance their careers. Our industry lacked an advocate, so we established one for you. We believe everyone who works in the presentation field should have a place to learn, grow and network.
And, most importantly, we believe presentation professionals need an advocate that will

  • reinforce the value you bring to the industry
  • establish job definitions to better market your services
  • develop industry standards to assess member competencies so you know where you rank against others in the field
  • create certifications for our industry that will prove your knowledge and expertise to clients and/or employers
  • research job statistics to better understand our industry and find ways to evolve it
  • offer yearly salary surveys allowing you to better negotiate rates and raises
  • be a voice for our members by representing presentation professionals to the world

Presentation Industry Professional Standards

In keeping with our mission to elevate the presentation industry, the Presentation Guild has established the professional standards for presentation craftsman. Industry standards are specifications designed to make a specific industry more efficient and effective. They are the generally accepted requirements which are followed by the members of an industry, and they serve as a quality check for any industry. The Presentation Guild Presentation Industry Professional Standards will be used to assess mastery/competency of knowledge and skills for our certification program.
Along those lines, you can start recording your professional development hours with this handy document. Page about certifications coming soon.

Salary Survey

Things are looking good in the world of presentation professionals.
That’s the top takeaway from data in our annual survey of the salaries, demographics, and work habits of presentationists. While this is our second such survey, it’s our first to include data from all over the globe.
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