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Want to be a supporting partner of the Presentation Guild and help us make a greater impact? See all the ways you can partner with the Guild to support this new and exciting industry, and connect with presentation experts around the globe.

Package Options

Bronze Silver Gold Diamond
Total Sponsorships Available 16 8 4 2
Your Logo on Guild Home Page Included Third grouping Second grouping and Large Size First grouping and Large Size
Complimentary Memberships 2 5 12 26
Recognition Badge for Your Use Included Included Included Included
Media Opportunity 1 blog post per year 1 blog post per year, 1 mailer to Guild membership 1 blog post per year, 2 mailers to Guld membership 1 blog post per year, 3 mailers to guild membership
Additional Recognition - Logo in New Member Kit Logo in New Member Kit, Webinar Sponsor Logo in New Member Kit, Perpetual Event Sponsor*
Yearly Job Board Postings 3 5 8 Unlimited unique free postings*
Certifications Tests 2 free tests 4 free tests 6 free tests 12 free tests
Certification Renewals 2 free renewals while a sponsor 4 free renewals while a sponsor 6 free renewals while a sponsor 12 free renewals while a sponsor
Annual Donation $1,000 $2000 $4,000 $8,000

* See specific clarifications below. 

Things to know

  • Sponsorship tiers are limited in number, the numbers above are the total spaces allotted, not the number available.  Available tiers will be allocated on a first-come basis. 
  • Existing sponsors will have the first right of refusal for renewal. 
  • If the level you want does not have any openings, write to us at the address below to discuss. 
  • We will maintain a waitlist for tiers that are full, however existing sponsors will have first right to upgrade into a higher-level tier over waitlisted candidates who are not already sponsors at a lower level. 
  • Based on tier level availability, existing sponsors can be upgraded upon request. The full cost of the tier will be due at the time of the upgrade and will start a new yearly period from date of payment. Sponsors may cancel their sponsorship at any time, but no refund will be made.  
  • Need more information or just want to discuss?  Write to

More info

BADGE ON SPONSOR’S PAGE ON SITE:   All sponsors are listed on the Sponsors page available from the About menu on all Guild web site pages. Sponsor logos will be shown along with a 50- to 100-word description and one link to their site. 

MAILER/NEWSLETTER OPPORTUNITIES: The Guild sends an electronic mailer / newsletter to its members and over a thousand other interested subscribers at least once a month. Sponsors can sponsor a particular mailer issue. They will be identified as sponsoring the mailer and may provide a small image ad with a hyperlink to their site. These ads will be clearly identified as a sponsor ad. These opportunities come on a first-come first-served basis, and the sponsored mailers will be spaced out so as not be repeated too soon. A specified Guild contact will work with the sponsor on these details. 

WELCOME NOTE / OFFER IN WELCOME KIT: Qualifying level sponsors can send a welcome note or offer submitted as one page (US Letter or A4) which will be included as part of the Guild’s Welcome Kit. This Welcome Kit will be sent electronically to members both when they join and on their renewal of membership. 

MENTION ON HOME PAGE OF PRESENTATION GUILD SITE: All sponsor logos will be displayed at the bottom of the Guild web site home page and link to the Sponsors page mentioned above. 

CERTIFICATION BENEFITS:  Where noted, some sponsorship tiers may take advantage of certification testing, and certification renewal for a specific number of their staff. These benefits are for use by the sponsoring agency alone and cannot be sold or otherwise transferred to individuals outside the employ of the Sponsor. Testing requirements must be met, see GET CERTIFIED.

WEBINAR SPONSORS: Webinar sponsors may prepare a 1-minute commercial for use in a Guild produced webinar. Sponsors may request a specific webinar opportunity on a first-come-first-served basis. 

UNLIMITED JOB BOARD POSTINGS:   Sponsors may post an unlimited number of specific job postings on the Presentation Guild Job Board. Each posting must be unique; repetitive posting of the same position is not allowed without guild coordination of an acceptable time period between new postings. 

PERPETUAL EVENT SPONSOR:  Diamond level sponsors will be noted as sponsors of all Guild events for the year of their sponsorship.

CERTIFICATION TESTING AND RENEWAL:  The Presentation Guild has created a certification process to help potential clients recognize individuals with the skills and expertise of the presentation craftsman. For more information on Presentation Guild Professional Certifications, see GET CERTIFIED.

TAX BENEFITS OF SPONSORING:  Sponsors should consult with their tax accountants to determine any tax benefits they might enjoy from sponsoring a non-profit organization. No member of the Presentation Guild can provide you with such council. The Presentation Guild is a 501(c)(6) Nonprofit organization. 

Become A Sponsor

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