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For the past several months we’ve been building a new, better, faster website!

On February 14 (Happy Valentine’s Day!) we switched over to the new site. will still take you to the correct site.
In fact, if you’re reading this, you came to presentationguild.COM rather than ORG.

This is the old site, which will gradually turn to pixeldust.
Please visit instead.  Thanks!

Your old password will no longer work but you’ll be able to use the same email address as you used to use to log in here, then click the “Forgot password?” link to reset your password on the new site.

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State of the Industry Insights

Job Title

The most common titles are Designer (24%), Specialist (15%), and Director (10%). Additionally, 16% of us have an executive-level title. Although presentation work is often aligned with design work, only a quarter of respondents were labeled designers.

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Annual Salary

(percent respondents, in thousands of USD)

The median income was $78,000 USD, with women having a slightly higher median at $80,000 USD. However, men are 48% more likely to earn $100k+ USD.

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